BEST OF SAINTE-LUCIE / GRENADINE 2017 - Le guide numérique

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BEST OF SAINTE-LUCIE / GRENADINE 2017 - Le guide numérique

Date de parution : 22 févr. 2017
Pagination : 120 pages


A few nautical miles South of Martinique, the island of Saint Lucia has been the theatre of numerous conflicts between France and the United Kingdom before becoming independent in 1979. The result of this double historical influence is a mixed heritage and, although Saint Lucia remains a privileged spot for English speaking travelers, the relations between Saint Lucia and the French West Indies are very strong. Spending a day or a week-end in Saint Lucia has been a habit of the Martiniquais for a long time. They come here looking for the locals' warmth and joie de vivre (joy of living), as well as the diverse landscapes, from the exceptional and unique diving spots to the iconic rocky peaks (Petit-Piton and Grand Piton) overlooking the Caribbean Sea. Do not miss the Saint Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival on Pigeon Island, in May, the main event of the year ! The carnival, in July, and the famous festivals of the fishing villages of Gros-Islet and Anse-la-Raye, are definitely other reasons for a short and colourful getaway.
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Informations supplémentaires

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Date de parution 22 févr. 2017
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