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  1. 巴黎 PARIS (PARIS EN CHINOIS) 2017 - Le guide numérique
    4,99 €
    已有四十年历史的百福地出版社拥有全球最大的旅游信息资料库,其内容范围覆盖了全世界186个国家的八百多个目的地。这一系列旅游指南书籍已被译成法文、英文、西班牙文、俄语和中文等多种语言。与此同时,百福地也是第一家数字化出版旅游指南的出版社,数字化使得数以千计的指南应用可根据旅游信息的变化而不断更新,目前这些应用都已兼容苹果(iTunes商店),微软(MSN... En savoir plus
  2. BEST OF GENEVA 2020/2021 - Le guide numérique
    4,99 €
    Edition for English-speaking people looking for good tips and good addresses in Geneva and its surroundings. An essential how-to guide to find an accommodation, a restaurant, to organise visits, outings and shopping, attended by the indispensable maps of the city to be sure you will not get lost in the the second most populous city in Switzerland. A selection of addresses gathering the must-sees as the hidden treasures for a successful stay in the "Peace Capital" and to enjoy the best of Geneva.... En savoir plus