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  1. BEST OF SAINTE-LUCIE / GRENADINE 2017 - Le guide numérique
    4,99 €
    A few nautical miles South of Martinique, the island of Saint Lucia has been the theatre of numerous conflicts between France and the United Kingdom before becoming independent in 1979. The result of this double historical influence is a mixed heritage and, although Saint Lucia remains a privileged spot for English speaking travelers, the relations between Saint Lucia and the French West Indies are very strong. Spending a day or a week-end in Saint Lucia has been a habit of the Martiniquais for a... En savoir plus
  2. MARTINIQUE (ANGLAIS) 2023 - Le guide numérique
    0,00 €
    Martinique is an island of 1 080 km². However, this small piece of land has many facets, both in terms of the diversity of its landscapes and the activities to be enjoyed during your stay. The south of the country is known for its welcoming coves with beautiful white sandy beaches, a seaside attraction that outweighs the rest. While the north, where Mount Pelee is located, is known for its rugged landscape (ecotourism) and authenticity. Tropical, green and blue: the magic trio ensures a profusion... En savoir plus