PRÉALPES D’AZUR (ANGLAIS) 2020/2021 - Le guide numérique

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PRÉALPES D’AZUR (ANGLAIS) 2020/2021 - Le guide numérique

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The French Riviera Pre-Alps is a region with three facets: first of all the southern hills overlooking the sea that border the French Riviera. Then, the white cliffs of the "Baous", split by the gorges du Loup. And finally, higher up, the limestone plateaus who are the transition to the highlands. This multiple identity card offers the guarantee of a lovely bubble with a wonderful micro-climate, varied and splendid landscapes, a multitude of natural activities, rich cultural discoveries and a warm welcome. No need to mention the must-see attractions such as Grasse, the perfumed city, the Cheiron chain , the sarting point for many hikes or the Préalpes d'Azur natural park. Whether in the southern hills, in the gorges du Loup villages, or in those of the back-country, you will find a large choice of hotels, restaurants honouring Provençal local products, unusual villages with their festivals and traditions... Did you say "authentic"?
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Informations supplémentaires

Sous titre A journey between mountains and sea
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Continent Europe
Pays France
Région Provence-Alpes-Côte D'Azur
Département Alpes-Maritimes
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