BEST OF BASQUE COUNTRY 2020/2021 - Le guide numérique

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BEST OF BASQUE COUNTRY 2020/2021 - Le guide numérique

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ThePays Basque or Euskal Herria is a territory of traditions, culture, history and gastronomy. Its strength also lies in the diversity of the landscapes; from the green hills of the Aldudes to the steep coasts and long sandy beaches of the coast. The list is long to list all the treasures of the Pays Basque, enriched by its location sitting astride Spain and France. Itsrich heritage first, with castles, caves, museums... but also the hotel offer completed by thalasso centres, golf courses, casinos and an exceptional gastronomy ofquality and respect for the products of its terroir. Not to mention the markets, flea markets, festivals, concerts and exhibitions that flourish throughout the year. A must-see destination !
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